Applying good ideas

Bart Wilson

So you went to an event like DSES.  Or you just got back from your 20 Group.  Maybe you captured an insight from a webinar.  How do you take those ideas and apply them to your dealership?  Especially when you have multiple moving parts or you may not be the decision-maker?

Derrick Woolfson

It is not easy, for sure. But one of the ways I have approached this over the years is "you sent me for a reason, right? I went because you want me to enhance what we're doing, correct? Then let me pick one of three ideas to implement, fair?" 

This has not worked on all ideas. However, it has opened the opportunity to have a dialogue. I think in many ways it's not always about not wanting to implement an idea, but rather the fear in doing so. The idea that "we're still making money so why break something that isn't broke?" 

Well, we're not "breaking" anything - we are aiming to increase revenue by optimizing what we are doing. All that to say, try and pick something that can have an immediate impact, which is not always easy to do. But if you can, it helps with introducing new ideas. 

Drew Bettiol

I agree exactly with what @Derrick says. For me it was about coming back to the dealership and change up the routine. Being stuck in a rut and constantly just spinning your wheels kind of calls for a change. I came back with the attitude that it was time to "trim the fat" on some of our strategies and allocate those wasted funds elsewhere to something like SEO. It has yet to happen but I am still pushing for it.

Bart Wilson

I agree that pushing all of these ideas through an "impact filter" is a good idea.  What can you do that will see the largest return?

I also think it's important that we realize every good idea isn't necessarily right for our situation and dealership.  Just because it worked in another store doesn't mean it maps to our goals and objectives.

That being said, what is the number 1 thing holding us back?

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