background music

Don Strickland
We have had alot of discussion at our dealership over this. Since remodeling our showroom this year, we have found the best music for us is mellow classic rock, such as channel 32 on XM. Jazz is absolutely horrible for us.
Christian Salazar
in my opinion, silence kills any salesfloor!
Megan Barto
Recognizable, non-offensive, upbeat.
Dustin Lyons
I totally agree Christian! I can tell you that all the sales people dreaded black friday because the music would turn to country Christmas..... Could not wait for that to get over!
Adam Shiflett
@Don - There is another forum on this same topic here: Great minds do think alike. Basically to keep customers longer it comes down to generic, not too fast, not too loud and right for your demographic. We also did a video on this topic:
James Altemus
After screwing around with contemporary hits for a few weeks we switched to the 70's station and I don't think we will switch again anytime soon. If I have to hear "This is my fight song" or "Shut up and dance with me" ever again it will be too soon.

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