Bell to Bell?

Derrick Woolfson

Who makes their staff work 2-3 bell to bell shifts? I still do not get this tactic? As all too often, after hour 6-8 the productivity dwindles. And the customer can absolutely read that. Do you do bell to bells? 

Paul Rushing

A half day in the car biz is 8 to 8..

Derrick Woolfson

True, but again - how productive is that day? I very *rarely* see them being productive for the entire day. You are arguably much more productive in an 8hr day vs. constant 12 hour days. With the exception of their being those times where you spend an extra 2-3 hours on a day to finish a deal. I think it can have a positive impact on the turn-over to reduce the hours to 50 or so. 

Bart Wilson

Can a sales rep make it today working 50 hours a week? 

A veteran with a book of business can, but what about someone who just started?

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, agreed! Where a newbie might feel incredibly defeated as they have worked 50+ hours to sell one car. As they might not be allowed (depending on the store) to handle a fresh-up. So instead, they end up aimlessly wandering the dealership. Now that said, there are those that will shadow another rep to try and learn.  

You really gotta love selling cars to work like that... life is too short. Or, you have no life and no family and making money is the only thing on your mind. Not judging, but not for me!

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