BHPH Pay Plans

Alexander Coleman

Hello all,

I am still needing some advice on what a competitive BHPH pay plan should be that would (1) motivate current staff to produce more units and (2) attract new talent.

Our current pay plan is as follows:
$80 per unit sold
10% of down payment (average down is $500)
$10 per automatic payment signup
$5 per Facebook review
$15 per deal closed at a 4 year term or less

I proposed a pay plan that looks like this:
Minimum wage plus bonuses if unit goal is met
Bonuses include 1.5% of gross profit (average gross profit is $7k per unit)
10% of down
$5 per automatic payment signup
$5 per Facebook review
$100 hat trick bonus
Tiered volume bonuses

Any advice on how our pay plan should look in order to achieve results would be greatly appreciated.  I am open to any and all suggestions!


Chris K Leslie

Probably sound like a dumby here. But what is a BHPH? 

Carl Maeda

Buy Here Pay Here

Chris K Leslie

Ah ah, Thanks Carl


Hi There Alexander, 

Sounds like an improved plan on the gross profit platform, but what is the goal that you mentioned? My concern would be employee retention so curious what it takes to hit that goal.  The only thing I would say is that I ***really*** am not a fan of paying reps for reviews for several reasons. One, it encourages falsified reviews, and most dealers have enough of those and the average consumer can smell them a mile away. Also, if word ever got out that you pay your staff for reviews, well, I had a client recently that did (against my advice) and all I can say wait was a PR nightmare for them. The ended up on the news – it was a disaster -  I would focus more of your efforts on the other consumer sites, most people know that a business can all together selectively delete a Facebook review that is not favorable, and therefore, Facebook isn’t given much weight in reviews for people who know this. I noticed you left some one star reviews, up, I guess it’s ultimately your call, but I’ve seen more people than not blast out the one star reviews. You want to be careful how you ask and never incentivize it, to your customers or employees in my personal opinion; in fact, most sites strictly prohibit a business from soliciting reviews. Eventually reviews will start popping up on sites that you can’t manipulate along the lines of …had a bad experience and joe was really insistent I write a review. I’ve even seen stores who’s policy was to ask the customer to allow the rep to post the review they wrote on the customers mobile device. We really have to be careful about social media reviews and how/when we ask for them.

Big Tom LaPointe

i don't think paying staff for reviews for customers who PURCHASED doesn't seem that risky and isn't 'gaming' the system. In fact, probably pushes SP to give a better experience knowing they will ask for a review. But if reviews are that much a priority, take a look at PODIUM - very slick app that has user type one review that feeds to all their sites and was developed with google input to use phone machine ID to prevent getting flagged

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