Biggest Takeaways from #NADA2014

Jeremy Anspach
I had the honor of speaking alongside the best in the industry at The Best Training Day Ever event in New Orleans just prior to NADA. I presented to over 300 dealers on "How to Win the Click in a Digital World." There are endless things to consider regarding your digital strategy for 2014. But what's most important to everyone at a dealership are more showroom opportunities, and that should absolutely be the focus in the year ahead. Amplify your digital approach by increasing the relevancy of your content. Winning the click is all about providing relevant information and turning those clicks into opportunities. How? Follow these steps: 1. Realize that value goes further than price. Competitive pricing is important, but consumers want to see the top value attributes of a vehicle and other relevant information so they can make an educated purchase and determine if they're getting a good deal. 2. Display reconditioning on your VDPs. Recon info is huge, and most customers will never see it unless they visit a dealer in person. The secret here is to graphically showcase this information and digitalize your used car folder right on your VDP. 3. Consumers don't read pages, they scan pages. Do a better job promoting value by graphically displaying value, option, and recon highlights. 4. Search. When it comes to pay-per-click, relevancy is key. Provide ads that never guess at the right message and include options! A relevant ad, with a relevant landing page will be rewarded by Google with a higher quality score and a smaller cost-per-click. Relevant landing pages do NOT include search results pages. Drive people to a highly-specific landing platform that will match a consumer's request 100% of the time. 5. Retargeting. Auto shoppers visit 24 sources on average before making a purchase. They will absolutely cross-shop, therefore retargeting should be a crucial part your strategy. 6. Mobile. More than 47% of all automotive searches come from mobile devices - so optimize all pages for mobile and use responsive technology across all devices. 7. Shift the focus from lead generation to improving the foundation. As innovators, we must remember that successful ad campaigns can only be optimized when they are used to promote a product with a solid foundation.

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