Break Rooms

Morgan Hardy

Is your sales staff required to share a break room with service advisors and technicians or do they have their own area?

Derrick Woolfson

Each department has their own break-room. But to be honest, most of the guys eat their desks, which is frowned upon, but depending on the day, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do haha.

Morgan Hardy

@Derrick- I get that! The breakroom was taken away from the used car salespeople and so was their bullpen so the only desk they have is in the showroom. They were told they could share the breakroom in the shop. I'm sure you can imagine how that went over. 

Aimee Rogers

Ours share a break room.  Most people eat at their desks or go into the conference room rather than the breakroom. 

Morgan Hardy

@Aimee- do you mean their desks in the showroom?

Chris K Leslie

Our stores are a pretty good size so we have multiple break rooms across the properties. 

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