Buy or Purchase

Tyler Larson
It's a personal opinion. But do you buy something or do you purchase something?
Shawn Ryder
I think you "buy" bread and milk... you "purchase" a vehicle. Just my opinion...
Lauren Moses
I'm with Shawn, "Purchase" makes it sounds more formal and exciting. I do have to say though that down here in the south we just "buy" stuff. "Purchase" is more of a yankee word to us.
Mark Miller
I feel like i buy things that are meant to be replaced or used up, groceries, gas, even clothes. A purchase is more of a life event, something that is not meant to have a limited life or is expendable. I might "buy" a used vehicle for my kids first car, but I "purchase" my cars, each has a different expectation of what it will do and how long it will last.
Steven Kruger
In my mind I buy things without a contract and purchase items when there is a contract.
Robert Karbaum
According to the internet: Buying and Purchasing: are two terms that are often used interchangeably. The words essentially have the same meaning, but they do differ in context. However, in modern usage of the terms, they are considered as synonyms. Essentially, both the terms mean to acquire something against money. However, there is some difference between the terms, specifically regarding the context of the terms. Buying is considered a general term, which is most commonly used to refer to everyday goods and commodities. However, purchase is considered to be more of a formal term than buy. Purchasing is often used to refer to contracts and big products, whereas buying is inferred for small products. For example: ‘I purchased a piece of land’ or ‘The government purchased a huge defense contract.’ However, ‘I bought a new phone.’

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