Climbing the Dealership Ladder

Ron Henson

I love stories of people who have climbed the corporate ladder in automotive.

Please share your story with the community.  I hope to use some of these stories in a future keynote.

mark rask

I started on the phone in my bdc dept. I moved up and became the bdc manager and now am the digital marketing manager!

Chris K Leslie

Man, I wish I had a cool story to share. But, I've only got this boring comment. 

Patrick Nash

I started out taking pictures on the lot as an Assistant to the Marketing Director of an auto group. I wrote a blog one day that management liked so they started to incorporate me into their Social Media and eventually made me their Social Media Director. I continued to learn and eventually was offered to be the Digital Marketing Manager of another auto group. From there I became an Executive Sales Manager for an online marketing company. Still staying as humble as when I started in the auto industry and knowing I need to keep pushing myself everyday to be better than I was the day before. 



Timothy Martell

I grew up in an auto retail family. Dad is COO of a dealer group and this marks year 47 for him. When I was 14 I started working summers at the Toyota dealership. Sweeping the floor in parts, stocking shelves in the parts warehouse, eventually learning warranty return. Then worked in the bodyshop doing detail, leanring to mix paint. Went back to parts and did wholesale and retail counter. Then off to school in Florida. 

Started a family very young and need to provide so I sold Kirby vaccums door-to-door. Then sold cars at many various dealerships in the Florida market. Came back to the New England Market in the early 2000's and worked for a Nissan dealership where I first learned about search engines and began learning about SEO before it was called SEO. 

From there I became one of the first adopters of using Dealer Rater and leveraged SEO and the power of marketing via reputation and grew our one showroom store with 6 sales people into the 3rd largest Nissan dealer in the NE market and #22 in CPO in the nation. After my December 2009 cover story in AutoSuccess I was asked to speak at a number of conferences which lead to numerous calls at my store to help other dealers do what we were doing. 

With the blessing of my Dealer Principal, I began moonlighting doing SEO and social media marketing for dealers in other markets while moving from managing the digital marketing at my own store to all of the stores in my group. In 2012 I left the store with 2 of my team members to co-found Wikimotive on the premise of providing digital marketing services to dealers with a level of transparency and accountability rarely found in the vendor space. We were first to offer services with no contract with market exclusivity and have been innovating for dealers ever since. 

When we left in 2012, 3 of us worked out of my basement for 6 months with no pay. Today we service dealers in 13 states with offices in NH, TX and Canada. Its been a hell of a ride!

CJ Romig

I'll wait till someone goes after Tim....

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