Cold Calls and Follow Up Calls

What do you think is more challenging, a follow up call or a cold call?

Mark Dubis

Both calls can be intimidating or paralyzing to sales people.  We are afraid of rejection, and wonder if our “canned pitch” will get a few minutes of the prospects time.  The best way to handle these calls is to have a strong offense, meaning a good message and information to share. Remember the prospect wants to know “What’s in it for me if I continue one more minute on this call?”   Are you providing that value?   Avoid the gimmicks or bait and switch tactics that will only hurt you and destroy any credibility you or the dealership have at this point.  Often they are looking for guidance, and if they feel they can trust you to give objective advice, then you’ve moved a few steps closer to a sale. 

I spoke with a staffer at a major call center here in Cleveland, and asked him how he handles the rejection after making hundreds of calls a day.  He replied, “They all can’t say no.  Some are going to say yes and that keeps me going.”   Keep calling till you get to yes!

Ophi Hendrix

A cold call. With follow up, you already have an agreement with them and you're just checking back. It should be easier by then.

Chris K Leslie

ive done both and in all honesty there really isn't much difference in the feeling when picking up the phone. They both can be tough and super rewarding at the same time. 

Derrick Woolfson

I think a cold call, honestly - I will also offer that the lead source changes the feeling of the call. Take, for example, following up on a dealer website lead is easier than  - let's say - following up with an OEM lead where s/he is not purchasing for the next 8-12 months. You are having to sell the dealer much harder with that customer vs. following up with a customer that has already chosen your store, and most importantly - s/he has chosen your brand. At that junction, it is a matter of getting past the "objections" if any and securing that appointment. But as for a cold call - where it's completely out of the blue it is *all* about timing. 

Derrick is on point. Took the words right off my keyboard :)

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