Costco Car Buying?

Kristen Tepper

What's everyones thoughts? Are they someone/something to be worried about? What do you think is the biggest drawback is? what about the biggest appeal?

A friend of mine that recently purchased at costco said the "no-haggle" is what drew her to the process and she didn't hate the survey reward either. 

mark rask

We use a version of the cosco is geared torwards navy federal employees. We would love to do the costco thing but they are not in this area


Anna Kelley

Because Costco's "brand" is synonymous with quality at a good price and excellent service, I can see how this program would likely yield some high returns for Chevrolet.

Dennis Wisco

Costco, like AAA or Navy Fed, are another form of lead generation for dealerships.  I've worked at a mass volume store (Toyota) and a luxury store (Audi), and if the auto buying program gets the customer into the store, then the customer applying "the discount" is just an added bonus.

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