CRM Shopping is the most FRUSTRATING experience ever!

Clint Jones

I am looking for a CRM.  My requirements for this CRM are not complicated.  I don't need it to be able to analyze data every which way anyone could imagine.  I need it to be simple, with a few basic functions.

Integrated Text Messaging
Multiple Pre-Set Follow Up Schedules (Sold Customer, Lost Deal, Have Not Purchased Yet, Referral, etc.)
Inventory Import
Desking, basic desking.
RouteOne, Dealer Track, CUDL
Credit Bureau
Multiple Lead Source Import
Ability to PRINT a daily work plan because I have salespeople that are not computer literate at all.

I don't need 2 Way DMS Integration.

I have talked to what feels like 50 vendors.  Some are in my price range, but are missing something.  I am an Independent dealer that sells 25 units per month.  For me to spend $1,000 a month on a CRM doesn't make sense.  

I am shocked that there isn't a system out there that can do this for $400-$500/mo.  Any advice?

Mark Rask

I dont know of one. You might want to go to the nada convention and check. There has to be one out there . Actually someone in my twenty group is using process pro which would be in your price range .

Clint Jones

Mark, I just logged onto the Process Pro website.  I am waiting for a call to do a quick demo with them.

Thanks, and I will keep you posted!

Brian Andersen

I have been using a CRM called Aeros.  The only thing I think it doesn't hit on your list is the integrated text messaging.  I am not sure if it communicates with RouteOne or CUDL, but I am able to transfer customers from the CRM into DealerTrack and then run their credit, work a deal, etc.  Very affordable.  You only pay per user, so if you are a smaller store, it could be a good solution.

Mike Jeffs

Hi Clint,

In the Vendor Ratings section of this site you can find a CRM buyer's guide

There's also a Product Review on 8 CRM products within Vendor Ratings. If you click on one of the CRM products and go to the Overview tab in the product tab set, you'll see a breakdown of the product characteristics.

Hope that's helpful.

Shawn Ryder

Clint - would certainly like to chat with you, have a platfrom but does miss the mark on a couple of your points, may we connect at some point? 

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