Customer's don't care <break> Until they care!

Tyler Larson
Vehicle Value vs Price, and Vehicle Basic Ascetics - Color, Miles, and Price. My honest opinion. No matter how hard you try, the franchise store down the road does nothing and sells cars. They don't have 1. Correct Trim Level 2. Correct Drivetrain 3. Correct Odometer 4. Correct options 5. Correct ............. Well, Anything! 6. Yet, they still buy from them.. Frustrating... What's your opinion??
Chris K Leslie
Things and stuff doesn't matter to people. Emotions, matter to people. Thats why someone will by a 300 w/ 200k mi on it simply because it's got rims. We just have to keep doing what we think is right and stand for the things we stand for. People will agree with how we operate and thats how we grow. Our industry is terrible at it though. We are always so worried to let the one guy go even if in the long wrong it made room for 10.
Ken Gregson
With few exceptions we really haven't offered Customers a credible alternative. That is starting to change now in a big way and the change is coming like a freight train. Vroom, delivering hundreds of cars to people who never set foot in their store. Bought the car completely virtually. Customers buying cars from vending machines at Carvana. Lexus trying one-price. Sonic trying one-person. AutoNation Express. This is not your fathers Oldsmobile or your father's dealership. People will be buying the experience you deliver. The faster, simpler, more transparent will win.
Steve Genetti

Advertising, and they ran into a salesperson, Tyler. That's it.

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