Dealership with no desks or offices - future of automotive?

Shawn Ryder
Nissan is experimenting with getting rid of offices and desks at dealerships - is this the future of automotive? Does this build on the customer experience?
mark rask
I think it is a good idea. I think that it makes your dealership look cleaner and more modern
Grant Gooley
There has always been a notion that being "closed off" in an office can be intimidating and "un-inviting". I have personally seen the "no office's" in action at a Lexus store. From what I saw and heard from the Sales Advisers was that it didn't work. The word on the street was that customers didn't feel as though they could talk about personal situations in the open concept design.
Mike Elliott
Good point about privacy, Grant. Is there a way to achieve the more open look but still have a convenient spot for a personal conversation?
Matt Lowery
I like the ideas of round tables with chairs around it instead of standard desks. Its less intimidating and less confrontational. I still think F&I needs offices for privacy. I think you want to give the illusion of openness and relaxing environment, without actually doing it. :P
Robert Karbaum
If you look at the housing market as a comparable, it can definitely work. Banks (in Canada at least) have had some great success with mobile mortgage consultants. You can meet up with them at your home, place of business, a bar, wherever you feel most comfortable. With a mortgage being roughly 10x the monetary value of your vehicle, it is proof that a business can discuss money almost anywhere. My biggest fear is implementing the "standing desk" fad that all the tech companies are going with. Who wants to stand all day!?!

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