Do LinkedIn recommendations even MATTER

Big Tom LaPointe
I have to ask...aside from the written recommendations, is anyone here actually paying attention to all the one-click endorsements on there? I have people recommending me I have never met. yikes...
Mark Miller
That's a good question now that I think about it. I mean I recommend people that I know their skill set and they mine, but I am not sure it matters. I don't think I anyone has based a decision about me on my LinkedIn profile. That may be my fault for not marketing myself properly on their. I'd definitely like to hear what other say.
Lauren Moses
I think it most effects people who are Entrepreneurs. People who want to get their names out there. Linked in, to me, is still so new that it's really just starting to gain speed. It will just be another social site for companies to start checking to make sure that they are hiring the kind of people they are looking for. Everyone that has connected with me and endorsed me knows me, has done business with me, or worked with me. But since I am not actively looking for another job, or pushing myself on LinkedIn I don't think that it makes much of a difference. Of course in our small town it's not like there are tons of big dealerships looking for the next best up and comer to the business. If I was I would definitely be pushing myself more and trying to get out infront of those companies.
Megan Barto
I don't know about LinkedIn Recommendations, sure - it's nice to receive one, but does anyone read them? One thing I religiously use LinkedIn for is to keep track of my magazine articles, blog posts, podcasts, interviews, speaking engagements, etc. It's a nice easy way to have everything there including links!
Dave Leger
Recommendations yes... Endorsements... Not so much. I think the idea was great... But as with most great internet ideas... People started abusing it. I think people click these endorsements in hopes of getting some back in return. While I never make an endorsement I don't fully believe myself, I do get the occasional ones from someone who really isn't in a position to comment. Sure they may "Know" me, but if they've never seen me in action on that particular area, how can they comment? I don't pay any attention to them... And I think most people feel the same.
Dave Rozek
I hate them. I do them for people when they click mine, but are pretty meaningless to me. An actually recommendation from a fellow employee, customer, vendor or dealer means more to me.

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