Dogs in the Dealership? Yes/No?

Robert Karbaum
Many modern companies are very pro-dog in the workplace. Not only does it increase the general morale, reduces stress and encourages exercise but it also eliminates the need for employees to rush home to "let the dog out". If it was your decision, would you lets employees bring their 4 legged companies to work? Why, or why not?
Barry Dubnyk
Absolutely not. Too many dog owners have a different perspective from everyone else in terms of what is acceptable. I am running a dealership not a doggie day care
Robert Karbaum
What if your workers were overall happier? Also, a puppy on the table during price negotiations can only be a good thing right?
Christopher Murray
If that dog goes "Kujo" on a guest then you will not have a dealership left! The lawyers and the customer will own your store!
Robert Karbaum
A puppy can't hurt anybody. Even if it was a baby "Kujo".
Matt Lowery
No, to much emphasis on making employees happy... I want to make employees productive, dogs I feel would take away from this. We allow customers to bring dogs into the showroom.... hell if you are buying a car we pretty much allow anything, but not for employees. Wasnt there a time when you worked to... you know.... make money.

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