DSES 2017: Thank You

Robert Karbaum

Want to thank the entire Driving Sales team for a great event!

One of the best DSES' I've been to, and I've been to a few of them :P  Easily in the top 2 ever for me.

If I HAD to pick a favourite presentation, if I was forced, because it wouldn't be an easy call; I'd pick Jared's keynote.  The oil exploration story was perfect.  

Why I appreciate DrivingSales so much, is that they take different approaches, from different industries, to showcase and highlight where we can improve.  It forces us to think out of our "auto bubble", and get a different perspective on our business.

If you had to pick a favourite presentation, what would you pick?

Tori Zinger

We love to hear that you enjoyed your time at DSES, Robert -- we were glad to have you there! There were so so many good presentations -- I personally really loved Bobbie Heron's insight, but I don't know if I could pick just one favorite!

Chris K Leslie

Had a great time myself. 

Mark Rask

Jareds keynote was awesome!

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