DSES 2018 - Can we share?

Amy Kern-Huite

Hello all,

I have tried searching for a Facebook group about DSES, but have not had any luck.

If you attended DSES 2018 last week you know that a couple of "keywords" were used multiple times. We heard a lot about both transparency and customer experience. I've been harping about transparency at my dealership for months now. I know we all want to be transparent and that it is one of the keys to increasing our sales. But, how do we do it? I am hoping that  we can get a conversation started about how you are being transparent at your dealership and if it's been successful. I'm in search of suggestions as I have not figured it out yet. I can tell you that even when we show a client the invoice to "prove" our pricing, we get asked where the real invoice is. 

And, on the subject of customer experience, what can you share that might benefit others who are struggling with this also?

I have always felt that the best ideas come from conversation with others in the same field/situation. And, I hope we can brainstorm together!

Have a fabulous end of the month!!


Mark Rask

I think this was the best dses yet

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