DSES + Hockey + Pre-Canadian Breakout - Oct 21?

Robert Karbaum

As the Canadian Breakout begins at 9am on the 22nd, I anticipate many Canadians, like myself will be flying in on Sept 21.

That said, it just so happens that Vegas has hockey now, and it seems only natural that the Canadians in town should band together, watch hockey, drink beer, and engage in secret Canadian rituals.

Maybe even a Canadian vendor wants to set the whole thing up?  Maybe?  Just an idea I am throwing out there :)


Adam Biesenthal

I know my group are huge hockey fans!

Tori Zinger

I'm not Canadian but I'm a huge hockey fan! 

Chris K Leslie

Holy Karbaum! Is that you? 

Robert Karbaum

Indeed it is.  I don't post as much, but I am very often hiding in the shadows :)

Anyways, throwing this idea out there for anyone who wants to run with it.  Attempting to organize seat purchases between numerous individuals is a logistical nightmare.  It's not like meeting at a bar, the goal would to have everyone in the same location.

Mark Rask

I am in!

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