Employee Morale

Derrick Woolfson

Does your dealer do anything for the employees for the Holiday? A little effort can go a long way regarding your dealer's morale. 





Bart Wilson

We used to do an auction.  Rather than use our spiff budget for November and December, we pooled it and bought gifts. We would purchase $5-10K worth of electronics, sporting goods, gift cards and more. 

We created a points system that rewarded salespeople for completing spiffable activities.  Salespeople would receive points throughout November and December. The week before Christmas we would hand out the point totals to each of the sales reps and then auction all of the gifts.  It was really fun.

Mark Rask

Bart thats a great idea

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, had not thought of doing that before, but that is a great idea. I like that you tie effort into the reward! This year, they did really nice lunches and gifts for everyone. 

Chris K Leslie

We have a team lunch where we recognize people's work anniversaries. they get a pin for 5 years a ring for 10 years ect. Its fully catered and pretty awesome. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, I am a big fan of the pin/recognition - it's a little gesture that can go along way. Makes you feel good for the effort/support you have given over the years. 

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