Ethics Questions

Tori Zinger

As I was reading this article, I got to wondering -- what kinds of ethical and/or moral issues have you faced or are you facing? How have you dealt with these, with regard to both common ethical/moral issues and one-offs? 

Amanda Gordon

Great question especially with everything going on right now in the professional indusrties. The auto industry has always been seen as a laid back, unconventional type of work environment where behaviors have been chalked up to "eh, it's the car biz." I am curious to see who will step out on a limb and give some in depth examples...

I've just lived by a personal belief that my integrity is never for sale... Always be ethical! 

Chris Murray

It is always easy to wax philosophical about ethics when you are not presently challenged but it is another matter entirely when you are facing a challenge presently. In the interest of "consumer protection" our industry has gone so far overboard that the single largest collection of text in a print ad are disclaimers but our "honest" industry then puts that text into "mouse print" virtually guaranteeing that the prospective customer is or becomes confused. Is that ethical? Are we ethical giants when we hire and pay very good money to a "fast talker" on the radio to read off the disclaimers at quadruple the WPM rate that we ran the ad? 



Tori Zinger

Chris, it can be tough as an industry to look in the mirror. Your post is an honest one and it's a problem that continues to plague us. The question is, what do we do to combat this? We've got to be creative in coming up with ways to be competitive without falling into practices that border on unethical. It's not always on purpose, either -- we've got to keep an continuous eye on our practices and self-audit regularly.

Car business is hard because it's so competitive with so many demands based around $$$$

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