"Fill er up!"

Ron Henson
Does your dealership include a full tank of gas with a Pre-Owned Vehicle purchase?
Lauren Moses
With used no. We do I think 5 gallons maybe but don't hold me to that. Certified I think we do more. To me it is one thing that should be changed. Some people see there new "used" car as new. They are excited, happy, and can't wait to show it off. I would hate to have the first thing they say when they get in and get ready to drive off is..."Oh, I only get a half a tank of gas and I just bought a car from you?" I see lots of things that can go wrong but understand that with the rising cost of fuel dealerships might be backing off. But, on the other hand, Don't dealerships typically make more money off of the used vehicles on average than they do the new?
Carlo Castillo
$25 here! When customers are buying a pre-owned car most don't factor "How much gas is the dealer putting in the tank" into their buying decision. I think until it becomes more of a industry standard to fill up, dealers don't want to invest the extra gas.
Shannon Hammons
We do half of a tank.
Robert Karbaum
Really? This is a thing? Up North it's standard (as far as I know). If I just spent thousands of dollars, and the car wasn't full I would be absolutely livid.
Vincent R
Only if the customer specifically requests gas or if the vehicle's gas light is on.

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