First week in auto sales

Layla Meyer
EEEEEEK! I hate to be the person coming here for tips, but...DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS? I am working at a GM dealership in Athens, GA. I have done sales for almost 10 years and think I will do well in this new venture. Any advice for a first timer?
Jon Groenig
Hi Layla, I think you will find most people on this forum are more than happy to help you out. You say you are new to auto sales and you would like some tips, if you could narrow it down to what areas you would like tips on and your position at the store, I would be happy to give you the information you need or let you know where to find the answers.
Layla Meyer
Hey Jon, Thanks for the reply. I am in sales. I have been in sales for almost 10 years having sold everything from light bulbs to mortgages. Never cars. I am confident that I will do well, but would love to hear from other sales people. Also, I work for a GM dealership. Should I be worried? How do women fair?
Jon Groenig
So are you doing sales in the internet department or working on the floor? It's hard to answer your question about being in a GM dealership, I know there are a lot of GM stores that are still doing OK, so I guess it really comes down to how the dealership you are at is doing more than the brand. As for a woman in auto sales, I know I don't have tell you that you going to be a minority in a male dominated field, but the good news is that in my experience a female salesperson in the car business generally tends to have an advantage over their male counterparts. Customers tend to be more courteous when a woman approaches them vs. a male and they aren't as defensive when they are approached by a female. If you have been selling for 10 years I am sure you are familiar with some sort of steps to the sale and closing techniques, so stepping into the auto industry should be a piece of cake for you. Good luck with your new job and let me know if you have any more questions.
Bart Wilson
Layla, My advice to you would be follow follow follow! Make sure you follow up with the guests that you sold. The repeat business and the referrals you receive will be well worth the effort.
Jacob Jackson
Layla, There is a lot of negativity in the industry right now, but the truth is if you work hard, despite the ups and downs, there is always money to be made in the car biz. Remember when you go to work you are there to do a job. So many times I see new sales people at our store struggle to stay focused on being the first to help a customer and doing their job. Sales people by nature and out going, friendly and extroverted. A sales position has a very lose structure with lots of down time, and thus the sales people tend to be very social. Dont look to make enemies, be polite and respectful but remember you are there to do a job so dont fall in the habit of waiting for something to happen. Make a game plan and stick to it. You will be successful.

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