Getting the second money...

After the sale of the vehicle, accessory sales are always a nice add on.. what does your dealership do to compensate for accessory sales to motivate salespeople to get the second money? 

Here we get 10% of accessory sales in cash at the end of the month... 

Chris K Leslie

Thats a pretty solid program. 

@Chris, it sure is.. when I first started with Darling's back in 2012 it was 5%. We had a new parts manager come in and up it to 10% about 1 year ago.. helps you get VERY motivated to sell accessories for sure!

Nice! When I was still selling, the store I was at offered your old incentive--5% of accessory sales.

@Sunny, I thought 5% was pretty good, but the current 10% program is awesome... definitely makes you think about getting that second money and asking for the accessory sale add on!   Do most dealers pay a commission on accessories?

Many dealers do, although yours is the best incentive I've seen!

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