GM Dealers : D2C2

Chris K Leslie

Hey GM dealers I am sure you guys attention all aware of the new pricing tool GM is launching called D2C2. I am curious what your thoughts are. I have my reservations for sure as they have a bad habit of rolling out half baked tools and giving them no support. 

Ricky Patrick

Yeah, it'll enable them to feed inventory to multiple website providers

Bart Wilson

Who powers it?

Chris K Leslie

General Motors is behind it. Dealers will have to log into Global Connect to make pricing changes. 

Bart Wilson

@Chris, have you had a demo?  What are your thoughts?

Chris K Leslie

Yeah, I've seen it. GM has a pretty good track record at being below average in the tech they roll out to dealers. Something like pricing shouldn't be forced to go through OEM techs simply for the fact they dont have the staff to support their stuff in most cases.

I am almost certain that there are going to be massive pricing issues when they roll this out next year. 

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