Health and Fitness

Chris K Leslie

Curious what kind of health and fitness goals you’ve set for yourself in 2019. 

Asheer Raza


Health and fitness is very important for all of us specially for me. In 2019 I'm try to loss almost 5 Kgs in 3 months, Its a tough work. I'have got many suggestion regarding this but the most i get is to use boiled egg diet. Let us know if anyone knows about this diet. Is it workful or not.


Mark Rask

lots of running 

Lenny Doom

Gym to gain weight)

Mark Rask

I seem to perform so much netter at work when i have a good workout program 

Lenny Doom

It sounds strange, but I shoot my workout on an action camera) I can immediately see where I make mistakes or do not give all the best, well, it's nice to see my progress

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