Holding Gross and Record Months

Chris K Leslie

What do you think is leading to many stores having record months with most of the country locked down. 

What should we take away from this time to incorporate in our normal day to day in order to maintain this kind of growth? 

Morgan Hardy

Could it have anything to do with the lenders that some dealers use?

Aimee Rogers

Lenders can play a part in it.  No payments for XX days, low-interest rates, extended terms, etc. 

As for takeaways:  Social Media & Video Communication.  Those have been big factors for us.  The at-home deliveries have been very popular as well. 

Morgan Hardy

@Aimee- are at-home deliveries still a customer preference?

Bart Wilson

This is such good news! @Aimee, I love that you have been able to leverage technology to help with this.

How do we make sure we maintain this gross trend?

Morgan Hardy

@Bart- I think it would help if they let customers know that online pricing is the best price. Or watch Christian's videos and learn haha

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