How do you filter "best practices"?

Bart Wilson

We recently posted an interview with Jay Acunzo where he stated that you need to be really good as asking questions before deciding to implement a new tool or process into your store. 

I remember our GM or DP coming back from their 20 Group with a notebook full of ideas that their peers were using and that were successful.  Some of those ideas just didn't fit our store. 

What are some questions you ask to help determine if a solution is right for you?

Derrick Woolfson

There is nothing better than a good brainstorming session, we do the same thing at our dealer group now. One of the things we have started to do - when discussing the new ideas - is to use them as inspiration rather them implementing them. The new ideas always spark a good conversation, and from that, we can blend them into a new solution. We also hold group meetings making sure to include all the department managers. 

Bart Wilson

Good call.  Inspiration rather than implementation.  How do you facilitate these group meetings?  Do you have these scheduled out (once a month for example) or do you call them when needed?

I love the idea of getting all of the department managers together to discuss the ideas.

Mark Rask

So true we all need to think out of the box 

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