How in [blank] did Foursquare borrow 41 million dollars?

Eric Miltsch
Brad - excellent question. The difficult thing is to NOT compare the two business models and equate any type of "ease" of obtaining the loans based on your performance. (I'll let some others in the community share their thoughts on a dealership raising money as well) From my experience, raising money for a dealership was simply a function of who else was willing to put their neck out on the line - we were fortunate with the timing and the relationships. The risk was extremely high in our situation b/c of the different business model vs. a traditional dealership. As for Foursquare, their intrinsic value is off their charts with regards to the value they've created with their database of billions of user check-ins. Their data has secured them as a major anchor within the Internet's location based services ecosystem. Their data powers a large percentage of the Internet's LBS needs. (A little bit harder for a dealership to make that claim)
Brad Hensley
Eric. I was probably just thinking way to simple mindedly when thinking about Foursquare so I can appreciate your insight! I am really curious if anyone has had success with this or is it just simply maxing out everything you have and going all in (seems to be the standard with guys are our area)? With what I am doing, we will slowly chip away at debt and floorplans, I am just a numbers guy and see great opportunity out there to significantly get there quicker while paying some else and saving money with a proven business model.

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