How is Your Month?

Travis Williams

We are 1/3 of the way through March already!

How is your month looking so far?

Morgan Hardy

We have been very slow! Unusual for tax time.

Morgan Hardy

Our area has a lot of quarantined places and closures due to the virus. I think that it is causing slow traffic.

Shawn Ryder

One dealer I work with had a record February - amazing. Now... it it is a totally different story. Going to be slow for a bit and dealers will hope for building demands.

Derrick Woolfson

One of the slowest Marches in my career - service was very busy as of a week ago, but has steadily declined. 

Tony Ferrigno

We were just forced to close. Today was our last day of sales.  Oddly enough we just kept swinging and we’re having a quite respectable month.  Wouldn’t have been as good as last March but all things considered for everything that’s happening right now I think I would have been extremely proud of the effort put forth by everyone involved.  Looks like we have to close for a week or two I really don’t know but we will see what happens.  Good luck to all. 

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