How many hours is to many?

Richard Tolsma
We are having a discussion on how many hours a salesperson should work. I see two sides to the puzzle. 1. Work open to close gives you more time to sell cars. 2. Have a balance between home life and work creates happier employees who sell more cars. What do you practice? What kind of hours do your people work?
Jared Hamilton
We gave our sales people a certain degree of flexibility. Early shift was 830-3:00 (with 30 min of training to start) Late shift was 2 to close. I think the short shifts give the sales people flexibility to maintain a better home/work balance (early shift can make their kids baseball games and such) but we also made it very clear that you will not succeed working the normal hours. We expected sales people to work 50 hours a week or so, its just they had some flexibility as to where they put those hours in. BY having the minimum schedule you know the store was always covered and the managers needed to hold their team accountable to perform. If the pressure is to perform, they couldn't survive on the minimum hours.
Jim Bell
Our sales staff works 45-50 hours a week. They work a split shift so they will work late some nights and be the early guy the other nights. I think that you have to give the salespeople time at home, or it will destroy the home life. I have seen too many divorces in this business due to the work schedule of working bell to bell. There does have to be a balance of work and home and you will get more out of your salespeople with that balance. Early shift is 8:30-6 and late shift is 11-8 for us. They will work a maximum of 2 of the 3 late shifts a week.

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