I need your input and thoughts .....(crowd sourcing) ....

Tim Elliott
Car Peeps, We know the measurements for success in the car biz have evolved from "lot ups" to monthly unique visits and time on site. I'm working on a project that's focus is the "new measures" KPI's KPI's are key performance indicators. Each department in a store has them. What I need from you is what do you measure & why ? ..What are the KPI's you most focus on today ....and why ? Where you are Fixed Ops or Sales ...I want to know what measure you are working with....what trends are you wanting to know ...or wish you knew. Thanks in advance for weighing in ....please let me know what your role is. Elliott
mark rask
from an internet manager standpoint i measure unique visitors and vdps.....
Jason Stum
A couple of "Money Ball" style metrics we've recently been looking at: Cars sold per 1,000 web visits # of VDP's per sale Gross per VDP Time spent on VDP
Ed Brooks
Unless you employ LotLinx or some other deep linking tactic as part of your strategy. They lesson the correlation between VDPs and sales, @Jason. That is not to say they shouldn't be used, only that VDPs aren't as useful as a KPI as they were a few years ago.
Dave Page
I strongly recommend you start monitoring whats happening on the SRP's on your website versus the VDP. Jason, Your website tracks the SRP leads versus VDP leads.I looked at your stats this morning and your dealership as a group generates MORE leads from the SRP than the VDP! Mobile traffic has completely changed the game when it comes to VDP views. Customers do not like jumping in and out of VDP's from a mobile phone. The SRP must have true functionality like being able to see ALL the vehicles photos (in large format), pricing, lead forms etc without making the customer go to the VDP to get it. Moral of the story, VDP's dont mean what they used to if a website was constructed with the consumers activity in mind. We have the data to prove that now!
Jason Stum
Great info @Dave, thanks for sharing! :)

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