If you had to do it all over again.....

Bart Wilson

Think of where you are in your career.  What would you tell your rookie self knowing what you know today?  How would this impact the way you approached your development?

Jason Unrau

When you first think you're ready to be a manager... YOU AREN'T! 
There's so much more to being a manager than making what you think are better front-line decisions than the manager you have. I have a healthy respect for the weight managers carry being responsible for all of the team members under their care, and all the decisions and discussions had behind closed doors. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I still think to myself - how did I get here? I 100% agree with Jason. One thing I would tell my rookie self is to find a mentor & have a better attitude. As for the mentor, find someone that you can rely on; someone that will push you to think outside the box; someone that will encourage you to educate yourself, etc. I was very fortunate to have had an incredible mentor!! In the last 7 years, he has pushed me to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have ever done. It is also equally important to get involved with a forum. DrivingSales is my daily go-to for advice! Whether that is training, concerns, questions, or just to see what others are doing. As for the impact, my mentor and this forum have helped mold/shape my career in the industry. I wish I had a better attitude in the beginning. I had to eat my share of humble pie. Lesson learned; I do not know it all. I was just lucky and fortunate that my mentor could see past the attitude, and gave me the reality check I needed. 

Bart Wilson

Interesting perspective Derrick.  I think too many employees wait for a mentor instead of proactively seek one.

Mark Rask

listen to my mentors

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