I'm Headed to Germany!

Amanda Gordon

Workers at BMW and Audi plants in Germany are going on strikes to reduce their work week from 35 hours to 28 in order to sufficiently take care of their families at home. Apparently we've been doing it wrong by working more, which allows us to earn more, which allows us to take care of our families financially. Not the concern with our German counterparts.

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Brendan Dolan

Sign me up. I'm down to working 40 hours from 80-90 hours. Getting free time back, and getting work/life balance in line was huge for me personally. It was great being a GM in my early 30's, but I paid for it with stress and never seeing my friends and family.

Derrick Woolfson

Work/Life balance is invaluable. You don't realize just how burnt out you are until the 3rd day of vacation sets in and you realize how consumed you are. But, DANG - 28 hours is roughly 2.5 day's work. I wouldn't know what to do with myself! 

Tori Zinger

It's so hard to attain that "balance" in the automotive industry. I'm interested to hear how dealers are providing that for their employees these days. Any insight?

Mark Rask

It is such a tough discussion for dealers to have 

I think 20 -25 hours a week is perfect... life is short! ;)

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