IPhone5 or Galaxy SIII? What's your preference?

JD Rucker
I went in to buy an iPhone 5 and was talked into the SIII by the Verizon girl. Best product advice I've ever received. I do more on my phone than I do on my computer. No complaints. Some say battery life is an issue but I always have backup juice packets with me so I wouldn't know anything about that. OK, one minor complaint. It gets "bloated" more quickly than I'd like but thankfully has a restart button to clean out the crap that accumulates through email and social. Otherwise I love it.
Louie Baur
I have always had an iphone and have never had a problem. I love my iphone 5 and I will love the next one that comes out as well. I wouldn't get a Galaxy S3 even if Rucker paid to do it.
Eric Miltsch
Thanks JD - I'm torn. My son's upgrade is due next month and he'snot sure as well. (I'm hoping he goes for the SIII so I get to play with it it!)
Tom Gregg
Stick with the iPhone. Although I haven't used the new Galaxy SIII, I have had several Droids and prefer my iPhone.
Ed Brooks
I absolutely love my SIII (and the commercial making fun of people standing on line for the iPhone is the BEST)

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