Is it worth it?

Chris K Leslie

Some folks are all in on Apple some are all in on Android. But, when it comes to Automotive Digital stuff should we look at going all in with a single provider too?  

Aimee Rogers

It would most likely save you money in platform fees, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it.  We used to do that and we were burned by it, twice.  We have separate vendors for different things and we have had some record sales because of it.  We are going for who we think is best in each niche. The only thing right now that we have with the same vendor is our website and Ad Words/SEM.  Facebook Marketing & SEO are separate and with different vendors each.  

Morgan Hardy

We've transitioned from using the same vendor for everything after seeing weak spots. It took years though. 

Rob M

Hard pass. Vendors love to give you the 80 reasons why it's ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that they do everything for us.

Been down that road. All you get is lock-in, and undoing the mess is miserable. 

It's unlikely (if not completely impossible) for one vendor to be the best choice for everything you want to do. Vendor hopping is no fun for anyone, but marrying yourself to a single vendor for everything is a bad choice. Do your future self a favor and have some flexibility. 

Randi DeSantis

Seems idealistic. I still have to work in 3 web browsers just to access all my DMS, CRM and manufacturer websites. I cant imagine going that particular with hardware. We do have PCs and iPads that serve their own functions. I see no problem maintaining bother. 

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