Is my mobile site too slow?

Maddy Low

A new study by Google is showing that mobile customers are more likely to click away from a mobile site if it doesn't load in 3 seconds. That's like NO time at all! Are your mobile sites too slow, and what are you doing about it? Are your desktop sites too slow as well, and if so what changes can you make? 

You can read the full article about the study here:

To be honest, there's not a whole lot of weight in this information when it comes to the automotive industry. With banner slides, inventory feed, and videos, it's nearly impossible to get a dealer's website to load in 3 seconds. Don't get me wrong, you can; but you're going to sacrifice some great graphic materials for a few milliseconds. It's not worth it. Not to mention manufacturer websites take well over 3 seconds to load, and yet millions of consumers flock to them.

J. Prentice Parton

Dealer sites are too tied up in templates to worry about load times, in all honesty. To combat this, I believe I would focus more on providing as much information in the SERP (search engine results page) in local and paid listings as I could. Users are more informed than they have ever been, and they typically know what they want. They are merely looking for the right price and place to find it. The more information you can relay as a response to a search query, the better off you'll be in an age where people won't even visit a page if the information is in front of them in direct response. 

Chris du Toit

Agree with the above comments. The only thing I'd mention though is that you should still look at basic site optimization. That is, at least manage speed for things that you can control. For example:

1. Make sure your images are compressed

2. Use a CDN

3. If your CMS allows, use a Cache (massive speed difference)

4. Minify your JS and CSS files and combine to a single file

5. Use Chrome developer tools to see if a particular resource is the culprit - you can see which elements are really slowing your site down.

As @Sunny points out, so many external resources such as banners and 3rd party plug-ins on sites these days it's good to look at #5 above and find the culprit...and either give the vendor a hard time to improve or look at replacements.


Mark Rask

I agree....with all of the stuff that we have on pour sites they will be a bit slower

Adam Shiflett

I think this highlights one of the biggest problems with being a marketer/business owner. You want to tell a story drive more business and look really cool while doing it. So when someone lands on your site you want to have everything: sliders, fly-ins, flashing lights, video, chat boxes... everything. But here's the problem if it slows down your site... no one will see it. 

Let's rewind to the early 2000's. It was the battle of the portal site. You had AOL, Yahoo, Netscape and other big names slugging it out to be the site you would use to access the new and wild thing called the World Wide Web (or www.). The sites were beautiful, all encompassing and huge. We know how this battle ended Google came in with 1 search box and changed the world. At the time people laughed off the site as simple and boring, then it took over the world. The trick was that Google figured out what people wanted and got rid of everything else. 

This study is saying the same thing about mobile sites now. People want the site to point to the one thing they want... not what we (as marketers/business owners) want. Our sites need to be about them... not about us. 

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