Is my mobile site too slow?

Maddy Low

A new study by Google is showing that mobile customers are more likely to click away from a mobile site if it doesn't load in 3 seconds. That's like NO time at all! Are your mobile sites too slow, and what are you doing about it? Are your desktop sites too slow as well, and if so what changes can you make? 

You can read the full article about the study here:

Mike Hastings

The message from Google's Page Speed Insight Tool is that speed matters. After all, fast sites are good for the end user. And Google wants to feature those websites that offer a good user experience. I'll bet that most, if not all car dealers now have more site visitors on mobile rather than desktop. I'm watching for the first company to design the dealer website around the mobile experience to start.

John Clavadetscher

At, we are continuing to innovate to drive better experiences for consumers via desktop and mobile alike. Over the last year, we have continually improved site speed to get consumers the content they are looking for – quickly. We have shortened our homepage load time to less than one second and have shortened VDP and SRP load times to two seconds and two and a half seconds respectively (well within this study’s expectations). We’re seeing results for our advertisers and will continue to innovate to deliver better consumer experiences and results for our customers.

Adam Shiflett

Little follow up on this. We (DrivingSales) just pulled the reporting for the national numbers of dealer websites. In February the average load time for dealer pages was 8.5 seconds. That is more than double what Google set as the ideal load time. This would put dealers in the realm of seeing 123% increase in bounce rate because of slow load times based on the Google report. 

Mike Hastings

Would Accelerated Mobile Pages work for dealer websites? I've seen them only for blogs or news sites, but they're fast and they rank incredibly well.

Jason Stum

Ran across a related article on Search Engine Land and thought I'd share it here.

Mobile page speed is important, but not (yet) for SEO

"Just 2 percent of these (top 1,000) sites scored between 90 and 100 on Google’s mobile page speed test, and the average page speed score was 55/100."

Definitely worth a read when you have a few spare minutes.

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