Morgan Hardy

Is your dealership doing lay-off's? What department's are impacted first? We laid off all of our quick lube, one of our service BDC, and two low producing salespeople thus far.

Chris Younggren

I am doing consulting for a dealer who has a 10 total sales people. I was helping them recruit and then train 4 new salespeople who were scheduled to start training on Monday. They have suspended all hiring and training as of last week. 

 They divided the sales team into two groups. One group will work one week on, then one week off. Sales and Finance Mgrs doing the same. A salesperson can schedule an appt on their off week and come in work that appt. This way no one gets laid off.

Anxious to hear how others are handling this issue??

Bart Wilson

I spoke with a dealer yesterday that is implementing 4 day work weeks to avoid layoffs.

That is just sales, though.  In addition to the sales floor, I'd love to hear about service, particularly the quick lube.

Derrick Woolfson

We are keeping everyone. I have allowed my team to work remotely. And for those who are still at the dealer are social distancing. 

Bart Wilson

I think there are a lot of leaders learning how to manage teams remotely.

Morgan Hardy

We have now laid off almost all sales staff except two managers and 6 salespeople. Our hours have changed slightly, we now close at 7pm during the week. 

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