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Bart Wilson
Salespeople: We all know about the economy. I get tired of hearing about how slow it is. We all know how slow it is. Here is my question. What are you doing in your dealership to sell cars? Sometimes it takes a market like this to force us to change for the better. Have you been able to come up with new solutions or ideas in this tough economy?
Philip Zelinger
I got involved selling cars in 1975 for the same reason that many people are getting out of it now - or at least complaining that they will as this discussion asserts. For those of you who remember, those were pretty bad times in the auto industry for some - but, they were also some pretty good times for others; just like now! My decision to sell cars was based on my observation that people needed - not wanted - a change. The gas shortages were killing large american car companies, dealerships and - most importantly - their customers who already owned them and had mis-placed loyalties to what "was" rather than "what is" and "will be." I recognized that a true auto salesperson - or any professional salesperson for that matter - listens to their customers, helps them determine their needs vs. their wants and helps them buy a vehicle that solves their problems rather than selling them one that causes others. I decided to sell Hondas because they had the best gas mileage, price
Jared Hamilton
Close the thread... I dont think it can be better said than that. Good stuff phil.

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