List the status updates you wish would just go away this year!

Eric Miltsch
Ah, how could I have left off YOLO?!
Ryan Thompson
EPIC - My worst enemy Crush it
Jared Hamilton
How about those motivational quotes that should be left on pintrest? You know the ones with the ripped model flexing their muscles from your friends saying they are on their way to the gym. ... blaaaahhh
Eric Miltsch
Oh Ryan - cant beleive I left that off. So tired of that one as well!
Lindsey Auguste
"FML" And of course the new version of chain letters. It's not enough to say "Like this if..." Now people are taking it to the next level. Example, "If you like this, you love [insert object/person here]. If you ignore, you love SATAN!!!" Seriously. Over it.
Bill Simmons
"If you're this, copy and paste thus as your status"

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