Mac Or PC ?

Chris K Leslie

Are you a mac or PC person? Why?

Bart Wilson

Mac.  They are easier to use and last much longer than a PC.  It's a trade-off when you think of cost vs longevity. 

Will Burke

I was a PC person my whole life until I switched from a work desktop to a laptop and opted in for a macbook air. 

I chose the macbook for silly reasons - primarily that the windows laptops my company provided were large and bulky. 

After a couple of months of "learning" my mac, I can honestly say that I'll never go back. 

The batter life is great, it's a sleek design, it seems to run faster/more smoothly than a windows computer, the interface is user friendly...........everything just seems very well thought out. 

Victoria Dillabough

Apple all the wayside 

Derrick Woolfson

Mac guy here - it is much easier to use, and I love the multi-tasking hand-off feature, that and it is so easy to airdrop videos, photos, etc. I dread having to use my windows laptop it takes *forever* to boot-up, and it slow as all get out. Whereas with the MacBook it starts up within seconds. 

Chris K Leslie

Glad to see so many Mac lovers. I’m a Mac person too. I’m all in on the apple eco system. 

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