Messaging through the dealership vs personal

Bart Wilson

There is a lot of value to the dealership in having all texting and messaging happen through their platform.  How have you ensured that salespeople and BDC agents use the platform instead of their cell phones?

Martins Ville

I'd say most dealerships are not set up for chat and texting, correctly. Sadly, they might be set up, but looking at most of the tech dealers use for chat, it's not as fluid as tech like Drift chat for instance. The conversation should always remain in the chat window. With either party going back in to add or digest the transcript, it's one of the reasons Drift chat is the best tool I've ever seen for car dealer chat. Think of chat as a place where the heart of your relationship resides. You don't want a broken heart.

If you send a customer an email, you should always have your chat link inside the email. 

Sounds like we're still learning how to sell online.


Bart Wilson

Interesting way to look at it. 

I see a lot of advantages of being able to track all conversations through the CRM, but if salespeople are using their personal messaging, that data can't be captured.

Chris K Leslie

It's hard to get salespeople to use the platform. Why I don't know as it creates a separation between work and non-work life. I am told that the opt-in text is what makes a lot of folks not want to use it. 

Drew Bettiol

Chris said it exactly. Sales people are lazy and don't necessarily want to change their habits. We have online chat platforms with facebook and gubagoo that allows a salesperson to intervene yet they never do.

Chris K Leslie

It's insane that we have this level of tech and people's whose livelihood depends on them making a sale. Actively push it away. 

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