Monitoring Competition?

Steve Greenfield

I've met recently with a lot of dealers who periodically scan their competitors' websites to look at inventory and pricing.

I have seen a few examples of spreadsheets these dealers use to compare Make/Model inventory and pricing over time.

Does anyone actually have a software tool they like that they use to monitor competition? 

Are there any product features that are missing that they'd like to have, but nobody currently offers?

Ricky Patrick

Things like vAuto and Firstlook seem to take care of that or am I missing something?

Steve Greenfield

Ricky - with tools like vAuto and Firstlook I see dealers getting market averages for pricing and supply/demand metrics.

But it seems like dealers need to manually go deeper to be able to look at specific competitor locations for what they stock, how they price, how quickly they turn individual cars, etc.  

I also haven't seen vAuto and Firstlook provide individual competitor advertising insights (where competitors buy advertising, how much they pay for that advertising, how well it works). 

I just wondered if there were any tools out there that went much deeper into specific competitors' operations?  And if not, what specific features that would be very helpful but not currently offered by anyone?

Chris K Leslie

You aren't going to find where competitors are buying advertising and how well it works for them. Those types of metrics are normally kept in house. 

Vauto's Conquest platform might help you look into the other stuff you are talking about though.



Steve Greenfield

Thanks, Chris.  This is very helpful. And I'll keep looking around and report back!

mark rask

We just do this ourselves

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