Morning Routines

Chris K Leslie

Curious what your morning routine looks like. 

I recently started running in the morning. So I’ve adjusted my routine now to waking up before everyone else in the house. It’s given me some much needed head space. 

I have a cup of coffee, some water, do some stretches and hit the road. 

Are you making some time for yourself everyday? 

Allison Nygaard

It only takes a few weeks to build a new habit - making time for yourself trickles down to having more time for everything else! 
I've started waking up earlier as well, quiet time before getting the day started really helps!

Jason Volny

I brought back listening to books on tape on the way to work. I didn't realize how much I missed doing that, and I don't even know why I stopped. Current read, The Art Of Living by Thich Hhat Hanh. @Bart Wilson, now you know where I get my quotes from. 

Chris K Leslie

Love hearing you guys are finding some self-care time. 

Derrick Woolfson

I need to get back into my morning bike rides, I miss those! One thing I have started doing again, is choosing one or two articles a morning to read. Anything from personal interests, industry news, or marketing. I have found pod casts from reading various articles. Always gets my gears spinning on my morning commute. 

Chris K Leslie

I’ve been looking at getting a bike. I haven’t owned one in years. You should totally get back out there. Especially if nothing is stopping you from getting out there. 

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