Most Important Piece of a CRM

Chris K Leslie

I am curious what you think the most important feature of your CRM is and why. 

Derrick Woolfson

One of the most important features of the CRM for us is the departmental connections: fixed-ops/sales. If we have a complete "profile" of the customer it makes it easier to offer the best possible customer service. The other important component of the CRM is "built-in" features: call recording, texting, email campaigns, customer chat. Having those features managed by the CRM makes it easier to work with. The fewer platforms/apps I have to manage the easier my life is! 

Allan Bird

The reminders to follow up on an item, promise, deliverable etc.! Then the ease of accessing a customer's data and interactions with a few keystrokes. When it is integrated to all other systems it gives me that "big picture" view.  The ability to filter my database, be it for an event, a marketing piece or focus group and target the right audience for them. Pipeline management and forecasting are also important and crucial components of a CRM for both the individual and the company. Someone taught me to "Know your numbers!".

Morgan Hardy

The employee stats. Across the board

Chris K Leslie

I love seeing how varied we are in our answers.

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- what is yours?

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