Motorcycles on trade


How often do your dealerships receive motorcycles in on trade? What do you typically do with them?

Greg Leon

Hi Tom, We get motorcycles from time to time...If I had to put a time frame I would say maybe once every other month or so..We have business cards to a few of the local motorcycle buyers in our area and we would just typically call them and get a buy bid. If you don't know any ONE person in particular I would recommend calling your local motorsports dealer and asking them if they would be interested in buying it. In my opinion, a best practice is always to find out not just what they think its worth, but if they would be willing to buy it as well. This option works well if your NOT familiar with different types and brands of motorcycles like myself.

David Zotti

Best to form a good relationship with a motorcycle/power sports dealer or know someone in the industry so you can get trade values. Low ball as much as possible to wholesale or send to the powersports auction.

We used to get them every once in awhile at a dealership I worked at. In the car business, I would highly advise against trying to retail them. They're slow to move, marketing is limited, and your sales people won't always know everything to help the customer.

Shawn Ryder

When working retail a couple years ago - we got excited about bringing a motorcycle in on trade - customer got a Benz... was all pretty cool. Was in the dealership about a month ago (left a year ago) and guess what... the bike is still sitting in the showroom! 

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