#NADA2015 - what are you most looking forward to seeing?

Shawn Ryder
I am not attending #NADA2015 this year myself - but wanted to see what others are most looking forward to seeing this year! Is it new technology? New ideas? Wine tasting?
Abbey Hale
We're excited to share some of our social media marketing skills and we are super excited to connect with influencers and dealers throughout the country.
Shawn Ryder
Excellent - great to hear! There will be lots of key industry people there that is for sure - enjoy the event.
Michael Bilson
Shawn..So glad you brought up the Wine Tasting. I will be with Conversica at Booth 6543W and will be offering bottles of wine to dealers with a completed demonstration. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone there.
Shawn Ryder
Great to hear! Guess I served you up a softball there to hit out of AT&T Park!

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