Negative Think

Chris K Leslie

Do you ever have those bad days where your thoughts are just so negative all day long, everything feels like it’s too much for one person to handle. You obsessively question every decision you’ve ever made in your life. How do you work through it?

Martins Ville

I spend time outside, a green park or wooded area and take a good hike. Maybe it's the extra oxygen that makes this diversion work on the soul.

Derrick Woolfson

For sure! And in those instances, I overthink everything. And when I look back, the "solution" was usually blatantly obvious. I have to just step back and realize I am one person. Not everything will get done in one day; and when I am in a negative headspace, I have learned to take a break, and not feel guilty about disconnecting. 

Bart Wilson

Good stuff.

Gratitude.  It helps if you are able to think about everything you have vs the things you want or don't have.

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