New Salesperson

Chris K Leslie

If you had to choose a big store/group vs. a smaller store/group. Where would you suggest a new salesperson start? 

Derrick Woolfson

It is a toss-up for me. I say that because a smaller store/group can give the sales consultant a better chance vs. a mega group. However, larger groups tend to have (from my experience) more of a corporate setting. That said, it could make the transition a bit easier. My last group was a fairly small group - with five stores - and those who came from the corporate background tended to struggle. Looking back, if I had to start over I would have stayed with a smaller group. It provided more opportunity to move up. 

Mark Rask

whichever one had the best training 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

The smallest store in the biggest group :P

Mark Rask


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