OEM Training for the BDC

Derrick Woolfson

Does your OEM offer training for BDC? I.e. - best practices for handling leads, etc? While ours does not offer anything to that degree for the BDC, we do have our staff complete the sales and product knowledge training. 



Victoria Dillabough


Ours was very learn by yourself 

Morgan Hardy

Ours just shadow other agents until you're comfortable enough to be on our own. Even the product knowledge training doesn't happen until the agent is setup properly by the GM, which usually takes a month or two.

Derrick Woolfson

In my last group, it was a fight to get the GM to allow them to take the sales training, but now, it is a requirement for my BDC team, and it has been very beneficial. It seems like a no brainer to have the training available. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Morgan - do they pay your team for assisting in training? 

Morgan Hardy

@Derrick - No, they do not offer anything additional for training the new hires. A lot of times, we train the new salespeople on the CRM as well.

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